The Sunnyside Environmental School Foundation is a group of community volunteers who are committed to supporting SES's inspirational environmental and social equality driven curriculum and programs.

The Sunnyside Environmental School Foundation’s purpose is to raise funds that help pay for extra teachers and staff, thereby reducing class sizes, allowing for small focus groups and specialized academic programs.  

The SES Foundation works closely with its generous and dedicated PTSA, however only the foundation may raise funds that go directly to hiring teachers and staff.

Although the SES Foundation conducts fundraising, SES’s administration, staff and PPS collaborate to decide where the funds are most needed.  

SUNNYSIDE ENVIRONMENTAL SCHOOL FOUNDATION is a local school foundation affiliated with the Portland Public Schools Foundation, a division of All Hands Raised, a charitable 501(c)(3) organization.

Through All Hands Raised, one-third of the money raised by individual school foundations after the first $10,000 is set aside in the Equity Fund for use as grants to high-need schools. Two-thirds of contributions are provided directly to supporting faculty and programs at Sunnyside Environmental School. All donations are charitable and tax deductible as allowable by law.

The Sunnyside Environmental School is a community of students, educators, parents, neighbors, and alumni. Working together to create a safe, nurturing, and educationally excellent learning environment for young people.


Your gift is an investment both in our school and its programs and in our city's collective effort to improve education in Portland Public Schools.

Unique programs

Extra support for the school's core faculty and programs allows us to protect our commitment to hands-on education in environmental & life sciences.  



Additional funds raised by SESF help us keep classroom sizes down, in providing for the needs of students as individuals, and in fostering academic excellence.  



It would be impossible to understand the importance of the foundation without also knowing what makes Sunnyside Environmental School so special.

We are a small, multi-cultural urban public K-8 school drawing students from all of Portland’s diverse neighborhoods. We are actively teaching and learning a holistic, integrated curriculum.

Exploring themes of our many overlapping environments, students develop academic knowledge and skills while demonstrating personal and social responsibility for all living systems.

The K-8 curriculum brings the beauty and magic of the natural world into the lives of children through an integrated, developmentally appropriate, art infused education. Creativity, love of learning, personal responsibility and family, are the cornerstones of an education that celebrates the many overlapping environments of Portland.

The city’s wild and urban areas become sites for inquiry, exploration and understanding as children acquire personal and academic skills that lead to a satisfying life as thoughtful, active members of the larger community. In pursuit of this goal, student are involved in service learning efforts throughout their years at the school.

Social justice and racial equity are driving forces of our school community and students are taught to think critically, take a stand for injustice, and to see the world from multiple perspectives. Our teachers strive to provide culturally responsive teaching practices to meet the diversity of our students.

Reeah Davis
Foundation President

Jessica Oskin
Foundation Treasurer

Kieran Cannistra
Foundation Vice President